10 Reasons to use Smartcoins

  • Cryptocurrencies do not need Banks
  • Fast, 3-second transactions
  • QR codes are faster/safer than cash/cards
  • Send/Receive any amount for under 1 cent
  • Ever been robbed? Not with Smartcoins!

  • Zero fees for Merchants
  • Zero chance of ID Theft or Chargebacks
  • Zero volatility; coins are market-pegged
  • Automated Accounting
  • Acquire new customers.. Globally!

Get a Wallet

To hold crypto-currencies, you will need a Wallet. Web and Mobile choices are now available.

Get some Smartcoins

Converting your old money to cryptocurrency is easy. Just choose an Exchange.

Spend some Smartcoins

Merchants who accept Smartcoins say Hello to new customers!
Contact us to have your business listed too!

Accept Smartcoins & Altcoins

Point Of Sale Systems (POS) Cryptocurrency QR Code at checkout counter

It’s FREE to accept cryptocurrencies. Your customers pay the small network fee, so all you need is an old tablet, the free “BlockPay” app for Android, and maybe a Spacepole and window decal.